Beauty is Our Salvation

SOLOMADEINITALY produces and promotes products completely Made in Italy, not only what is conceptualized and designed, but above all, produced in Italy from the idea to its realization.



Nowadays, many of our "famous brands" that represent what is Made in Italy, do it partially, at times only in the development of the idea, leaving the production to third countries.

The goal of SOLOMADEINITALY is create a run-away for all those small/medium sized producers, large/small sized artisans, pillars of our economy, in order to compete with the global market.


The Italian manufacturing structure, both artisan or industrial, is very diverse and capillary throughout the territory, ranging 360 degrees: textiles, fashion, furnishings, accessories, pasta, wine, olive oil, shoes, leather bags, pottery, agricultural, foodstuff products of any type with an infinite variety from region to region.

We believe that "beauty is our salvation" without making it difficult to afford because of the price. It is not true that BEAUTIFUL must be EXPENSIVE. Very often is it the product which comes from far away that is overpriced, even if it is inexpensive.

  • idea

  • taste

  • design

  • simplicity

  • handcraft

  • quality

  • service

  • price