Our Brand Vision

SOLOMADEINITALY will offer a range of lifestyle products designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy. SOLOMADEINITALY products will be merchandised in a flexible, modern retail environment specifically designed to create an emotional and sensorial connection between the consumer, the products and the SOLOMADEINITALY brand name and authentic “made in Italy”positioning.


Our Company Goals

SOLO’ s goals are to create a profitable company by operating as a leading design house, merchandiser, distributor and franchisor of SOLOMADEINITALY Italian made products sold in the global marketplace


Our Business Philisophy

SOLO wants to inspire, educate and motivate consumers around the world to discover, experience and invest in authentic Italian products via an innovative shopping experience that offers Italian lifestyle products unlike any retail experience currently available in the global marketplace today.



SOLOMADEINITALY is an innovative retailing concept created by Franco Nannucci. His idea was to create a “space”where consumers around the world can discover, appreciate and purchase products designed and manufactured in Italy.


“The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious”
                                                                                             Franco Nannucci