A territory maintains its own identity if it keeps its tradition and experience. Italy has been amassing its identity for longer than 200 years at the highest levels in science, art, literature and also in the production of consumer goods.

To dismantle an industrial or artisan structure like the one in our territory means to lose identity. This has happened in many areas in Italy, Europe and North America where entire structures have been dismantled to give space to a product which arrives from areas with low cost labor making the product price competitive. The large distribution chains have reduced the level of quality because of the exasperated pursuit of profits resulting in damaging a durable product and leveling the offer with a limited diversification of distributed products.

The identity of the product is the natural consequence of infrastructure tjat works to produce AESTHETICS, QUALITY and PRICE. A product with a strong identity will find customers who will demand it, without having to invest prohibitive capitals to create an international branding.

The  future is in your hands, in your ideas and creativity, leaving the size and geographic location out of consideration.

A list of companies and brands for which we have facilitated, planned, organized marketing strategies and export sales, the distribution of products Made in Italy or foreign companies we have helped find products Made in Italy to be distributed in their own countries.

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