SOLOMADEINITALY was born at the end of 2004 from an idea of Franco Nannucci, a 20 years veteran in fashion and home industries. Originally it was intended to be just for the decorative textile industry, it wanted to be a way to support and promote the textile made in Italy against the strong growth of the Far Eastern competitors, oriented to “buy” the global market with low price and quality, as well as a way to protect and support those customers/distributors interested in better quality and design that at that time were loosing dramatically their sources in Europe and Italy. Franco Nannucci was aware that it was not possible to go back to the volume business of the past but he was sure of the possibility to get back a market willing to buy the made in Italy design, quality and price too! In 2006 the web site with the present name, ( as well as ) was registered. At that time the idea and concept was still related to the textile industry but getting his horizons into a larger basket with more options and products, stepping into the home decoration and fashion. In February 2007 it was created the present logo square, form and colors of SOLOMADEINITALY. From January 2007, with the influence of several professionals, the project was built to his present form and look. The idea is the exact same that Franco Nannucci had in 2004 but the horizon and scale are on a totally different level. The awareness that this idea was right has enabled a team of professionals to create a concept that will offer investors a way to build a “space” where people, in different countries around the world, can discover, appreciate and buy products made in Italy, with easy access to producers and products that they won’ t be able to discover even during extended trips around the Italian peninsula. Our studies prove that the majority of populations of the countries with more tourist presence in Italy are traveling abroad in a percentage from 10% to 20% and this includes all the countries not just Italy. This means we have our largest business opportunity outside our country with hundreds of millions of shoppers/buyers waiting to find the right place where they can buy real Italian made goods. The concept is planning to offer a “space”, with different size options, to allow all these people (shoppers) to enter the Italian style shopping and atmosphere with all the opportunities to find the design, quality, aesthetic and price they would find traveling in Italy with the advantage that this will happen in a single large retail surface.